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qtvirtualkeyboard only processed when USB device is connected

  • Hi,

    I'm using qt5 with qtvirtualkeyboard, qtkioskbrowser, qtwebengine and weston/wayland. TI sitara target.

    I see a stange behaviour:
    When I have no USB mouse or keyboard connected, the keypresses on the vitualkeyboard are not forwarded to the current input field (text field on web page). The vitualkeyboard reacts properly by animating the keys pressed. I can also change focus to a different text field on the webpage, but the characters typed are not forwarded to the text field.

    If I connect an USB mouse or an USB keyboards the virtual keyboard (a do not touch them) works as expected: keypresses are forwarded to the text field on the webpage.

    Any idea where I could dig?

    Regards, Chris

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