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Maintenance Tool mandatory account and NO valid license

  • Hi all,

    I'm really concerned about what's going on with Qt. Is Qt it going greedy like Oracle? It was a bad idea in 2015 to force an account to use the Maintanance Tool - and so it is in 2020. Why do we need to get tracked everywhere?

    Forced to create an account, I reluctantly did it. With absolutely no benefit, because as I wanted to go on in the Maintenance Tool there was the message:

    No valid license available in your Qt Account for this host platform.
    Please renew your license(s) from Qt Account.

    Ok, there is a link you can try. But nothing reveals what you have to do. When you are logged in on the Qt webside, your account information doesn't contain anything where to "renew your license(s)". When introducing such an uncomfortable step like forcing and account you really really really need to take care that it works smoothly.

    Sincerely anoyed

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    You probably used to have a license. I think you can click "skip" to go forward. If not, then remove the config file, rerun the installer and it should go though.

    Yeah, it sucks.

  • Hi sierdzio,

    thanks for your reply. Unfortunately they removed the possibility to "Skip" the login. Even removing the "MaintenanceTool.ini" didn't change anything. Same tumb message stoically appears.


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    License file is not in MaintenanceTool.ini. Look for .qt-license in your filesystem. Or, if that fails:

    OS X
    "/Users/$USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Qt/qtlicenses.ini"
    "/Users/$USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Qt/qtaccount.ini"

  • Ah, we get closer. There is only an account file, no license file in my ../Roaming/Qt/. directoy.

  • Update: Analyzing the qtaccount.ini revealed that there was no entry at all. The installation in my company also has no qtlicenses.ini but the qtaccount.ini contained a the eMail address and additional entries. It seems that one need to reinstall Qt from scratch if it hasn't been connected to an account before 2020-Jan-27.

  • Hi, I tried to skip, but the button is no longer enabled after the last update.
    Is it really intended that a user account is mandatory for installing/updating Qt? Or is it a bug which will be fixed with the next update? I need it for Open Source development only.

    BR, Robert

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  • @Mercurus In my case is was sufficient to download the online installer and start the installation. In the course of that you are asked to login and I canceled the installation when asked about the folder where to install... Following that and starting the "QT Mainenance tool" again, voila... all credentials were set and maintenance tool does not ask for any input again :-)

  • Thanks you.
    It's work fine on Windows

  • Just to clarify: "it works" does not mean that it is possible to install Qt without creating a Qt account. This has been imposed on the community, and protesting loudly to the management of the Qt Company (like 5 years ago) will be the only way to revert this intrusive policy. Downloading the online installer (because offline installers are no longer available) will only solve the issue of the incorrect license data.

  • @porcupinebrux said in Maintenance Tool mandatory account and NO valid license:

    protesting loudly to the management of the Qt Company (like 5 years ago) will be the only way to revert this intrusive policy.

    This will only work if

    1. You are big customers, or a lot of customers do that
    2. This company is not going to backrupt. For me, looks like they are going to die soon enough, that is why they try desperately to collect the data of users in order to sell this company with higher prices. Check their report, you could see they did not earn a penny many years.

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