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  • In qtcreator I created a MainWindow, within that on the left, is Widget X and on the right is a graphicsview widget called graphicsview.

    I have not called a setCentralWidget I think qtcreator has already done that for me.
    since I have a lot of the functionality already working.

    I have what must be a simple problem with getting the graphicsview to work.

    in my MainWindow init I do

    // ...other MainWindow init code that works


    scene = new QGraphicsScene();
    ellipseItem = scene->addEllipse( 10,10,100,100, QPen(Qt::blue), QBrush(Qt::blue) );

    This all compiles and runs but nothing appears in the graphicsview.

    I then tried adding a setCentralWidget( ui->graphicsView ). This creates an exception in the debugger
    stopped at functionality for the other widget to the left of the graphicsview.

    Any ideas?

  • fixed -- by creating new project.

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