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Virtual Keyboard (not qvirtualkeyboard)

  • Hi there
    I have searched everywhere and unfortunately only got contributions to qtvirtualkeyboard.
    I have the problem that the virtual keyboard, in this case "onboard" with MATE Desktop.

    When I switch to a QLineEdit field in a QT program (not just mine), the keyboard appears in a loop. Always visible / invisible.

    Maybe who knows the problem, or is there a solution?
    The virtual keyboard does not open at all under KDE. Eg. in FireFox it works on both desktops. I think it's a QT problem.

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    i use onboard with Mint xfce and kde and not seen these issues.
    Could it be something with the mate Desktop ?

  • Did you test it with a QT application? Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 19.10
    All GTK application will work on both Desktops

  • I will try it with xfce.
    There are two videos here that show what I mean. Once KDE and once MATE

  • xfce behaves exactly like KDE

    It cannot be that only I have this problem.

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    @ckvsoft well, the problem is obvious, is it not,

    The Lineedit gets the focus, that triggers the system to show the keyboard, the keyboard removes the focus from the QLineedit, which signals the system, Keyboard is no longer required, that will cause the keyboard to go away, which will return the focus back to the line edit which than restarts the loop.

    Your firefox Browser behaves the same btw, only that the edit window does not get the focus back and stays without it

    Your v-keyboard software is to blame, I would say

  • I was thinking the same thing. Only there is no LostFocus signal arriving at the LineEdit.
    How do you think I could handle that?
    The virtual keyboard is OnBoard, I would also like to test others.
    QVirtualKeyboard is a little strange. Most of all how do I configure it in C ++. I don't want to use QML and I don't want to modify all the QT programs I use.

    lg Chris

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