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Is my Qt contact still alive?

  • After my first message to Qt company, regarding an Educational license in early January, I was contacted by Nikolina Marunic via email.
    She asked me a lot of information regarding the project we had in mind, the number of students, the courses involved and other information concerning our University.
    I confidently answered every request. Despite my other two messages, I no longer had any reply and a month has gone by.
    It would be a great courtesy to have a Qt response either positive or negative.
    Best regards, R. D.

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    @AndyS can you ping the relevant people?

    Btw. I'm waiting for an answer from licensing team for 2 weeks already, too...

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    @Roberto61 I will ping Nikolina about it.

    @sierdzio can you tell me who your contact is if you have one and I can sort that out too.

    Apologies to you both about this!

  • @AndyS
    Thank you AndyS.
    If you need I can send you all the Email messages that I have exchanged with Nikolina.

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