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Building Qt for Windows 10 on ARM (not UWP)

  • Hello,

    I am having a very, very hard time finding any information or tips on getting Qt compiled for Windows 10 on Arm. ( The only information I can discover is related to either UWP apps, or cross compiling to a another OS target. While I can just go the "x86 emulation" route, it would be better for end users to have a native 32/64 bit ARM version for battery life. Note that UWP ARM is not an option due to my application doing interactions to allowed in UWP applications (direct USB communication, access to blocked resources, interactions with other software on computer, etc).

    1. Anyone been successful in getting a WinOnARM build of qt going?
    2. Anyone have a good page showing which files/build processes I might need to tweak to build an msvcARM option?


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