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How to add more widgets and where to get them?

  • Hello and welcome me to the forum, I'm Qt newbie. Several months ago I switched to Linux, loved it, and I'm a happy fedora + xfce user on my 2nd laptop, and Windows 10 on my primary laptop. I'm a long time C++Builder user, have several apps written in C++Builder. It's a dead end however, they planned Linux support for years and nothing come out of it, and Linux is the future the way I see it.

    So anyway, problem and question. There are very few widgets in Qt. I wouldn't be able to implement what I have right now in C++Builder with Qt, it's just way too basic. Where to get more widgets?

    Things I'm addicted to. Jedi VCL, BusinessSkinForm, and of course the stock VCL library, which in it's stock form is much richer than Qt. Obviously those things will not work in Qt, but there must be something similar. Blah, just teach me where to find additional libraries for widgets.

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    Here are some places:

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