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Qt3D texture problem with QShpereMesh and QNormalDiffuseMapMetrial

  • Hello,

    I use for programming Qt3D with intel Graphics HD 4600 because my nvidia card is deactivated since I upgraded to windows 10. the screen turns blue and after restarting the windows completely deactivate the card, so i use the intel internal card.

    I don't know but when I use materials that contains normal, diffuse textures. The shpere becomes black like the image below:


    I thought it was a problem with the sphere so I loaded a mesh with QMesh and I applied QNormalDiffuseMapMetrial but everything is black:


    I looked a little on the internet for the problem, but I did not find any explanation for that, do you have a clear idea on that.

    In addition I have a problem with all the examples which contains the PBR shaders, even the example of Qt or the examples as KBAD.

    I have 3 kits:
    -Qt 5.8.0
    -Qt 5.13.2
    -Qt 5.14.1

    Qt creator 4.11.0.

    Alienware 14
    Intel Graphics HD 4600
    Intel Core i5-4200M
    8GB RAM.

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