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The future of Qt. Marketing and develop in embedded enviroments

  • Sorry about my English.

    Dear Sirs or madams,
    since years I desired learn and work with Qt (basically because I wanted learn some that could be in a future usefull for the comunity); By disgrace, all works that I achieved gave me only the chance to use c/c++ in backend and c# in front.

    After 4 years I endly found a work, in embedded field, where I can learn at the same time Qt. The business, with 700 employees (two hundred of them programmers 20 in Qt) design its own machines for the metal sector and uses Qt for some graphic interfaces.

    I was happy for three monts, but suddenly the new Qt policies came: and the team leaders are nervous, they are not sure if will be able to continue selling the embeded software in the machines without revealling the source code and the don't trust in feature (weird changes bringt mistrust).

    They speak over develop no more in Qt and port all the code to wxWidgets. Sadly ;-(

    Please, somebody so kind to clarify if that embbeded software could be legal supplied as in the past years?

    In negative case, sadly, a lot of engieniers will not have the chance to learn the Qt technology (as myshelf) or won't be interesed on doing it , much effort for nothing, when each day less business using it.

    Those engienieers will be won for the competence, c# or other privative develop enviroments, reducing the number of people who could contribute something to community in futures develops.

    In my opinion, when the developers are the future of the paltform and who will contribute to it, would be better accept donations such as wikipedia does and make everything possible to seduce as many developers as possible by offering all possible facilities for development and marketing, just as Microsoft does

    Sincerelly yours.

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    This is something you should ask to the Qt Company directly.

    This is a user forum mainly run by volunteers.

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    Hi @Josz,

    I can just support @SGaist, please write to The Qt Company directly. I have full understanding for your concerns (and honestly, I share them!)

    What we should do as community is stick together, that's what Qt is all about.


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