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Classroom Deployment of QT for multiple pcs and for all users (windows)

  • Hey guys,

    sorry to bother you all, but how is it possible to deploy the qt framework for a whole classroom with 20 PCs?
    It seems the installers is now requesting to be logged in while installing again. Even with the open source offline edition.
    So this problem existed in 2015 for the first time and was rolled back and now here we go again?

    I mean not every pc a developer is using (especially students/pupils), is administrated by themselves or even use the same pc everyday.
    So is it the goal to drive the schools and universities to other frameworks because the deployment is not possible any more?
    I mean, common, these are the developers of tomorrow or even today.

    Alright while writing this text, I had an idea and found the solution.

    Is that a joke, that I have to delete the default route to get the SKIP button?

    route delete

    will get you the skip button and take the offline installer to the next step and proceed the installation.

    Sorry, using windows 10 as a platform and disabling all the home calling stuff isn't enough nowadays?
    Now, I have to temporarily delete the default route for the QT installer too?
    Please stop this behaviour, it won't do you any good.
    Next time I won't jump through the hoops and will use something else and
    I guess I'm not the only one, who is in a position which will affect more than one person.

    Btw I thought, I leave the rant and the SOLUTION here, for everybody else who has trouble deploying this s**t.

    Greetings from a frustrated admin who wasted half a day with this crap!

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    Hi @ClassroomAdmin and welcome,

    To be honest, I never thought of your situation.

    As I myself am not a System Admin, could you not simply copy the installation folder on to all Class room pcs, and run a skip to create the desktop short cut to QtCreator ?

    The installer does nothing fancy , but unpacking the zip archives and creating a shortcut & the maintenance tool

    You should bring your case to the mailing list (the Development list is probably the most fitting)
    And if possible here at this blog post, if the comment section is still open:

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    Qt6 will come with a new commonly used installer system, so it will hopefully support headless installation
    Anyway why not simply pack the extracted Qt dir and create a Windows installation package and deploy it

  • Hey,

    thanks for your comments.
    Sure I can just pack it up and create a package around it, but guys, what's the point?
    I even could compile the source on my own and put an installer in front of it, but still, what's the point?

    I don't get it, why make the login mandatory now (again) when you just could pack up the whole folder and deploy it.
    And qt6 will most likely use another and common installer which maybe not provide a login at all or will have a headless option again which will work without login?
    I mean headless and login won't go hand in hand.
    So again, what's the point in all of it?

    And you even provide a complete offline installer package, so why not make it usable for everyone.
    Why redo this kind of work all around the world, just for providing developers the tools to code something good.

    I guess, I get the point, you need money to drive this project and I guess there are a lot of people/developer/companies who don't pay for a license.
    And yeah I'm all for it, that good work should be paid!
    But I think this is not the right approach and a lot of the blog comments are not in sync with the approach you chose.
    Just installing the tools and libraries won't create any revenue which you could benefit from.
    You need a license model which will you get paid when there is a revenue by using your product.
    In my eyes you just made it harder for people to try and use your product.
    Not everybody likes to create an account for every product and sometimes it's not even applicable (like in my case).

    Just my 2 cents.

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    @ClassroomAdmin You should ask Qt Company all these questions as this forum is for Qt users.

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    @ClassroomAdmin said in Classroom Deployment of QT for multiple pcs and for all users (windows):

    I mean headless and login won't go hand in hand.

    You will most likely have to provide the login data as command line parameter or as file.

    So again, what's the point in all of it?

    As @jsulm said, we are fully with you and unsatisfied with this situation. But you have to put the pressure on The Qt Company, not on us.

    And you even provide a complete offline installer package, so why not make it usable for everyone.

    The offline installer will only be available for commercial customers in future.


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