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QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor - get headers

  • I'm handling requests by installing QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor. That works fine but QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo doesn't have headers() property. I'm only able add new header by QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo::setHttpHeader. I have googled for solution and found that I can also install QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler but seems that it is not working or it isn't what I expected. I'm initializing as suggested in doc:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QWebEngineUrlScheme scheme("myscheme");
        QApplication a(argc, argv);
        // installUrlSchemeHandler does not take ownership of the handler.
        MySchemeHandler *handler = new MySchemeHandler(&a);
        QWebEngineProfile::defaultProfile()->installUrlSchemeHandler("myscheme", handler);


    class MySchemeHandler : public QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler
        MySchemeHandler(QObject *parent = nullptr);
        void requestStarted(QWebEngineUrlRequestJob *request) override;


    MySchemeHandler::MySchemeHandler(QObject *parent)
        : QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler(parent)
    void MySchemeHandler::requestStarted(QWebEngineUrlRequestJob *request)
        qDebug() << "test";

    But requestStarted is never triggered

  • Well, now I know, QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler is for custom scheme only, so for example for myscheme://. If I try to override http:// or https:// then my app is crashing. So, is there any way to intercept http:// / https:// headers? Is it intentionally limited due to security issues or is it not possible because it is encrypted on SSL layer?

  • @Kobid
    Similarly Apple doesn't allow http or https with WKURLSchemeHandler : "A protocol for loading resources with URL schemes that WebKit doesn't know how to handle".

    Sadly no freedom to override internal handlers for "standard" protocols in QWebEngine, no way to manipulate the response, not even to inspect it !
    With CEF you can.

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