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How can retake the video stream when change the udp Port

  • hello, i am new in qt creator and i need to put two buttons with a specific function, its simple i press the button and the udpPort change, but when i'm back in the original udpPort value, qgroundcontrol dont capture the stream video

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What video stream ?
    What are you using to show it ?
    Why does it change ?
    What OS ?
    What version of Qt ?

  • i'm using gstreamer, the qt version is 5.12.5, and the version of project of qgroundcontrol is 3.6.5, because i create a function to change the port

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    How are you using GStreamer ?

  • IMHO, OP is asking that question in the wrong forum. Most here wouldn't even know what qgroundcontrol is without doing a web search, not that lurkers here actually do web searches before asking questions, LOL.

    OP should take the question to the project website first since it is very application specific and has little to do with the Qt platform itself.

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