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Permission issue with installed app on windows

  • I am not sure if this is a Qt or NSIS question, maybe a bit of both?

    I have an installed app and the exe does not have permissions to create a file in it's installation folder (within program files). Is this something I can get around in Qt or does anyone know how I would go about solving this?


  • The user executing the program need the rights to write into that directory. Most probably you need admin privileges to do so. There are no Qt builtin means to extend privileges, you will have to resort to windows specific APIs to achieve this.

  • Since Windows 7 (or also Vista?) Program Files is a folder where you need admin privileges tow write to. This folder is not meant to keep app data, only install data.

  • Ok, that is good to know. Guess it is time to move my data files off to the users home directory. Thanks.

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