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QML Profiler really laggy, strange artifacts

  • Re: QML Profiler extremely slow

    I'm also seeing very slow performance out of the QML Profiler as well as strange graphic artifacts. This happens on all runs. I've compiled with -DQT_QML_DEBUG.

    Qt Creator 4.11.0
    Based on Qt 5.14.0 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit)
    Built on Dec 10 2019 12:27:13
    From revision 017ed74400

    I'm on Intel Xeon Silver 4116 @ 2.10Ghz
    32GB of RAM

    Here's a gif I recorded:

  • I've updated my GPU drivers to the latest and the artifacts still appear. It occurs with 30 seconds of capture, roughly 100,000 events.

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