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[closed]Rean an xml and create checkboxes

  • Hi,

    I have created some checkboxes with some examinations.

    @checkbox1 = new QCheckBox("Geniki Aimatos", this);
    checkbox2 = new QCheckBox("UREA", this);
    checkbox3 = new QCheckBox("CREA", this);@

    but i want to change my code and read the examinations from an xml file. the xml may change in the future.It may be bigger.
    So how can i create the checkboxes? each checkbox should have a different name. if i count the examinations of the file, how can i define the checkboxes?

  • Use QXmlStreamReader to read the XML, create QCheckBoxes on the fly and add them to a layout, for example a QVBoxLayout to have them aligned properly. Use setObjectName() to associate a unique identifier with each checkbox.

  • Closed.
    Annatz, you have opened more than enough topics on this application of yours and the XML file reading & writing that comes with it now.

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