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QQuickWindow flickering (QT 5.14)

  • Hi,

    First of all, the flickering was even worse in 5.12.5, but is still there, depending on the performance of the host device.
    I have a class, which is a QQuickWindow and receives a QML including WebChannel and the WebEngineView. I'm rendering an image, which I get from an external camera and 3D content as overlay (so that you know, it is an AR application). I have the following issues:

    • The rendering of the camera image already takes up a lot of the GPU resources.
    • The WebView is extremely slow. I also observed it from the "Qt Simple Browser" example in Qt. The same things I do there, in a normal chrome browser it runs much faster
    • Flickering happens, when I use Intel Integrated Graphics (on NVidia it is not there or only minimal) - on Windows. On Linux it doesn't really happen.

    I tried a few things already, I cannot count them all. For example, I disabled AA_EnableHighDpiScaling or activated Qt::AA_UseOpenGLES and some other things.

    So, there are actually 3 problems I cannot find a solution to:
    1.) Image rendering takes up too many resources
    2.) Webview is extremely slow
    3.) The flickering problem

    Can anyone help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

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