Saving data to files

  • Hi,

    I created a program in QML that calculates and keeps score in a game called marias (it is a popular cad game in Czech Republic). I would like to save the scores to an external text file. Can I do this in JavaScript in QML?

    I have absolutely no experiences in C++ programming, so I would like to avoid using C++ functions to save the file. I have experiences with PySide/QML but I would also like to avoid Python for this program.

    Btw. I plan to use the application mainly on my Windows 7 UMPC and Android phone. So I probably need to distinguish between these two platforms and choose the right folder to save the files.

  • Hi,

    You can use SQL database. I think it would be the easies way. Take a look at "this example":

  • It it doen not have to be text, I would go for the SQL stuff task_struct suggests. If you need to go with a text file, you have little choice but to use either C++ or Python.

  • Thank you for the advice to use SQL. I didn't think about storing the data in database, but it is the best solution for me. Btw. where is the database physically stored?

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