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MAC bundle with Qt.labs.folderlistmodel

  • Hi,

    I´ve a working Qt application for windows and linux, I want it running also in a Mac and after some reading I found macdeployqt that works fine...BUT I have a module that uses Qt.labs.folderlistmodel. As I ran macdeployqt the bundle did not work. I removed the module that uses folderlistmodel, and ran macdeployqt and the bundle worked fine. When I include the module in the project, and run macdeployqt, and I try to run the program from the IDE I found the next error "qrc:/qml/qml/SelectorImagenes.qml:2:1: module "Qt.labs.folderlistmodel" is not installed", So I guess that macdeployqt is not including the library in the bundle, but I have not idea how to do it?

    Can anyone give some advice?

    Thanks in advance

  • I don't know anything about the folderlist model stuff, but if it is in a dynamic lib, you need to copy it to the frameworks folder of the bundle or to the plugins folder or something similar.

    Did you read the "generic":/doc/qt-4.7/deployment.html and "mac specific":/doc/qt-4.7/deployment-mac.html deployment guides of the docs already? They show you where to put your stuff in the bundle.

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