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Transfering files to remote network through socket

  • Hi all ! I want to make application both on desktop and mobile(using Felgo). The purpose of mobile app is transfering files to desktop app and vice versa. The problem is how to transfer file if mobile phone is connected to different network, i mean that two devices are not in the same local network. I know that for that I need global IP address which you have to buy in order to communicate in global network. I want to know if exist solution to achieve my goal without buying IP address. If not how to make connection between mobile app and desktop app only once in local network. for example when i connect mobile app with desktop app in local network i use socket and write server's IP address, in my case it is desktop app. But i can't use that address because it dynamically changes. How to connect mobile app with desktop app only once and use this connection even when local mobile phone or PC IP address will be changed, when we switch to another local network. I will be gratful if you give me some link to read how to do it. Thanks.

  • dynamic DNS and REST web services...

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