Error In Webview

  • Hi,
    I can't use Webview !!
    These are my errors :
    E:\Qt....\ui_mainwindow.h:47: error: undefined reference to _imp___ZN8QWebViewC1EP7QWidget' E:\Qt\...\.\ui_mainwindow.h:50: error: undefined reference to_imp___ZN8QWebView6setUrlERK4QUrl'
    Help me please!

  • seems that you are missing some library, in this case, QtWebKit library.

  • Oh.maybe
    but i opened qt sample projects =>Webkit=>HTML Previewer , and i started it without any problem!!

  • Then have a look at the pro-file.
    The one of the example will have something like

    Qt += core gui webkit

    and yours will not.

  • oh,right
    that's a helpful answer
    so thanks sir.

  • Just in case anyone else finds this thread having had the above error, now [I am assuming for qt5 here] the correct entry in the .pro file should be:


    Share and enjoy.


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