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[Moved] Realization of OMRON FINS protocol over tcp/ip using QTcpSocket

  • Hello,

    I coded Omron FINS tcp/ip driver using QTcpSockets and it partially works - reading from registers from plc connected to pc works ok , but when I send command to write to reg. of the plc then I get response timeout from the


    I have the code , documentation with a description of a protocol and even C code examples from Omron and remote testing on hardware.

    I need somebody experienced in specifically Omron FINS protocol and Qt network programming or close to , to inspect my current code and fix the bug ( problem of response timeout when writing to register ).

    If somebody is interested then contact me at then we should negotiate via real time chat.

    Kindest Regards.

  • Moved to Jobs forum.

  • 10-20 USD for finding and fixing a specific bug like this? Small chance you will find somebody for a fee like that, I think. International money transfer fees are likely to be higher than that. Good luck anyway!

  • Yes of course the fee for this work should be increased. I do not know yet how much could that cost to perform and how to put the work in best order.

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