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Qt option not showing in New File dialog.

  • Nothing listed under Files and Classes. QtCreator 4.11.0, MacOs 10.14.6. Therefore cannot select Qt option

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    What is missing?

    This ?
    alt text

    Can you choose Application and it list Qt Widget Application?

    Did you install XCode also ?
    Is this brand new Qt install or did you already created projects etc ?

  • @mrjj
    Everything under Files and Classes is missing. I can choose "Application" in the Above panel and then select QtWidgetApplication. This leads to opportunity to create a file. I have also selected "Application and then chosen "Qt for Python - Window" successfully, i.e. a file can be created, but it is not a .ui file. This is a newly installed application. I did install XCode and also pyside2. I am a complete newcomer just starting to go through the tutorials. Thanks very much for your help.


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    @lcleve How did you install QtCreator and Qt?
    Try to install current Qt version also even if you're using PySide.

  • I downloaded from the Qt website several days ago.Version info is as follows:

    QtDesigner Version 5.12.5

  • @lcleve said in Qt option not showing in New File dialog.:

    Sorry! hit wrong key. I downloaded several days ago the following versions: QtDesigner 5.12.5, Qt 5.12.5, QtDesigner 4.11.0, based on Qt5.14.0 (clang 10.0( Apple) 64 bit, Built on Dec 10, 2019 12:24:50, from revision 017ed74400. I have been able to find Qt.Designer in the file browser and to open it. It seems to work, but, as yet, I have not had the chance to convert the ui file to python. Any help would be appreciated.


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