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Boot2Qt Toolchain for Windows

  • Hello,

    I successfully built the latest b2qt-embedded-qt5-image by following this guide here: link.
    I also built the SDK for Windows with the following command:

    SDKMACHINE=i686-mingw32 bitbake meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-qt5-sdk

    This resulted me the this .7z file: b2qt-i686-mingw32-meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-qt5-sdk-colibri-imx6.7z
    So far, everything looks fine. But when I try to decrompress this archive into my c:\Qt\Boot2Qt directory, under Windows 10 operating system, I got a lot of file name conflict, because the NTFS file system's case-insensitiveness. (If I unzip under Ubuntu to an ext4 file system works fine, because the file system name convention is case-sensitive.)

    Can anybody help me, how can I unzip this folder to prevent file loss? Or can somebody tell me which folders do I need to cross-compile with this SDK?
    Thank you!

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