The release date of android 11 into the market

  • Androids new updated version which is android 11 has create a major hype in the market, considering the popularity of this platform as an operating system. Android 11 features release date is sought to be nearby to the spring of 2020. Till then we will have to patiently wait for this new technological magic to unfold and help us in our daily life. However, beta versions have been released to help developers understand the platform better and evaluate it accordingly. Are you excited for the android 11’s release?

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    Are you excited for the android 11’s release?

    Not really. My biggest wish before every new release of Android or iOS is just: I hope they don't change too much, and that they won't break old code.

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    @sierdzio Ah yes, hope is the last thing to die! And I'm with you on this one

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