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QML and "the good old" Device Context

  • Hi all,

    I have the source code of this old win32 application that

    • Creates a window
    • Gets a Device Context from It
    • Draws in it using Windows GDI library.

    I need to display it in a QML app (may be through a plugin). Of course, I need to use the same old source code to do it.
    So basically, I would need that the QML application calls the plugin (my old app) providing it a CDC address in order my app draws into the CDC using main part of its original source code.

    Is this possible ?

    If not, I think about 2 alternatives way :

    • I draw into an image (bmp basically), transfer this image through memory to the QML app and display it into the QML window. The needed refresh rate is very very low so that might work.
    • I execute my app externally and capture the windows handle of it in order to display it into my QML app.

    What do you think ?

    Thanks to all for your help. Have a good day


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