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qtcreator indexing on macos

  • Trying to understand why source code indexing (hence navigation) doesn't work for me on macos (catalina).

    AFAIK, qtcreator on macos needs xcode and xcode command line tools - I installed them. Clang code model is on.

    I have quite big c++ repo and I want to be able to navigate across source code symbols without building it or generating any makefiles, it is possible to do on Linux and I think it was possible on older macos versions - macos mojave - as far as i remember.

    Is it possible for macos? Cause I can't make qtcreator to resolve symbols without makefile generation and building on macos. I can only build through docker, cause the project doesn't support macos, but docker-built project makefiles and binaries don't affect the ability to navigate for me, as of now.

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