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QtCreator "Update Documentation" on an air-gapped machine

  • The QtCreator "Update Documentation" process upon start of the program takes a very very long time to complete when on a speed compromised system. On an air gapped system, I have seen it take up to 2 full minutes with QtCreator going "white" before it gives up and allows user input.

    Something is off here, either in my installation or the program is making some errant assumptions regarding internet connectivity.

    So the questions are:

    1. Can I turn it the heck off? Perhaps I can run it manually from time to time. I have been reduced to leaving QtCreator running at all times to avoid this perceived issue.
    2. Does this "update" process validate that there is indeed an internet connection before attempting said update? I don't really care for this sort of "phone home" activity, particularly if it is required.

    There are very real circumstances in which one CANNOT use the tool set while connected to the internet.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt Creator is it ?
    How did you install it ?

  • Thanky!

    Qt Creator 4.10.2 is in view here. Normal download and install. Win10/MingW is the offending one. The Linux one 4.11 seems to behave nicely with no internet. The Win10 one goes immediately into (Not responding) on the title bar as soon as it is started, and it's not until the "Update Documentation" is somehow satisfied or times out that things come alive. It's horribly annoying.

    I am willing to start from a zero install, but that is a huge download on a low bandwidth and data byte limited plan.

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    You might want to consider the offline installer in that case so you can bring the full version on a USB stick.

    Are you doing an OpenSource installation ?

    You can also get Qt Creator independently so you can check if the 4.11 version also does better on Windows.

  • I just upgraded to 4.11.0 with Maintenance Tool yesterday having that thought in mind. I tried a start just now with no internet. It does not go white thankfully and the delay is shorter but still quite obvious. Still, this update process should be a user controlled configuration value for whether or not to automatically update the documentation. I would much prefer to handle something like that manually when I have the time and the data bandwidth to do it.

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    That something you can open a request for on the bug report system.

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