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QtIFW translation subsystem does not work correctly

  • Good day to all!
    Qt Installer Framework (v. 3.2.0) translation subsystem does not work correctly. You can verify this by the "Translation Example", which go along with the QtIFW. Text "This is a dynamically created page" that is assigned to a QLabel (m_pageLabel) on a dynamic page is not translated to de or pl!
    How to get around this trouble?

  • @rp_developer said in QtIFW translation subsystem does not work correctly:

    is not translated to de or pl!

    Not having the QtIFW translation files or source at hand, are you positive that such label is indeed translated to DE or PL?

  • In the standard QtIFW example "Translation Example" there are already de.ts and pl.ts files. They contain a complete translation.

    I have found a solution. After editing the form in the Qt Designer, deleting the problem QLabel and adding it again, the problem disappeared!

    But there is another problem!
    I can’t translate the strings in the controlscript.qs. Can't translate captions and labels on the introductionPage. This is probably due to the sequence of loading pages and translations.
    This deserves a separate topic.

  • I was happy early. Does not work.
    Unable to change QLabel text from installscript.qs!

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