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QDialog with both Minimize and Help button?

  • I would like to show both the minimize and context help buttons on my QDialog derived dialogs. I'm using Qt 4.7.0 and I can't seem to do it using setWindowFlags. I have my own dialog class that is subclassed from QDialog. In the constructor I call:

      setWindowFlags( windowFlags() | Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint | Qt::WindowContextHelpButtonHint );

    The minimize and maximum buttons show (as well as the close button) however the "?" help button does not. The only way I can show the help button is if I do not show minimize or maximize.

    Any suggestions?


  • I think, it because window button showing depends on OS.
    Or DE: Aero, GNOME, KDE...

  • I have been doing this on Windows Vista and Windows 7 so I tried RedHat Linux. On RHEL, only the close (X) button shows up.

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