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Button Freeze while showing QWebView

  • Hi All,

    Basically am trying to show html buffer using QWebView like setHtml(htmlBuffer) which is being run in the Qt GUI thread.
    Before showing the htmlBuffer, there is a conversion from the xml buffer(device response data) to html buffer using libxml library.

    At times, in a large network having multiple devices, the computation time for the conversion could take time like 680ms- 1sec or more based on the data size as it invokes applying stylesheet to show the html buffer and the computation is being run in the same thread as the UI. In a small network, the computation time is roughly 120 ms.

    In this context, whether UI buttons(derived from QPushButton for navigating pages) like next and prev could freeze/latch as it is being freezed? Is this expected behavior? If so, why?

    Is it related to long running operation in which makes gui or button not responsive?

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