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How to distribute the .so / .lib libraries (with or without headers) to the other developers.

  • Hi. In a company where there are many developers grouped by teams, each team are working on something.
    Each team are using git to manage the sources.
    So now we need a way to give a built libraryes (closed source) to the teams that require them.
    Git seems to not be the right solution to distribute the compiled libraries.
    Can you suggest me a way?
    Please remember, a library can have headers and can be compiled for win, mac or linux. The right solution is to have only the required platform, not all.

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    Are you thinking about something like

  • jenkins...automatic, scheduled builds of the libraries, and as part of the process they get staged where the dev teams can pull them. It's bad process to allow distributed teams to load and use shared libraries that haven't been tested and "released" anyways.

  • Please don't worry.
    No one library will be distributed without a full and long test.
    The proposed solution (conan) seems to be valid, so now I start to study it

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