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Setting up WebAssembly 5.14.0 ( Qt Maintenance Tool ) with QBS+QtCreator

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    I have this installed.

    And I grabbed the latest em++ via the emsdk, because the documentation does not say which version I should use for 5.14.0

    I have no idea where to go from here however, because:

    I don't work very often with QMake and make systems in general, and this all is frankly my weakest point in programming. I do however like QBS, and so I have decided to use this to manage my project
    If I could get some help to configure it so I can at least start generating

    • appname.wasm Main application binary
    • appname.js Emscripten JavaScript runtime
    • appname.html Html container
    • qtloader.js Qt JavaScript runtime

    That would help. Thanks.

  • Qbs is not supported for webassembly at this time.

    That said, take a look at src/mkspecs/features/wasm/wasm.prf
    Those files are not generated, but copied, with qtloader.js also having a text substitution

  • I realize QBS is not supported, but what you can do, is use the project build settings like so:
    Thus if I can create a series of build steps here, then I can use QBS to build and run my project, and hopefully use that to create a tutorial.

    I am looking at the .prf file you showed me; How should I utilize this? By copying its structure, or by running I am assuming QMake on it?

  • For those wondering, I got it set up like this:


    You have to manually copy the environment variables set when you run

    source ./

    in the shell. I did not know that source was a shell builtin

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