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QFile and Windows Calls

  • Hello there,
    Just a generic quesiton on QFile.
    I am wondering "Does QFile intern uses windows calls like "CreateFileA"?"

    The reason I am asking this is because, I am doing windows-hook to get the calls on differernt file-operations (like CreateFileA/SetFilePointer/ReadFile/CloseHandle). My function-pointer are perfectly getting call/Hit when I use std::ofstream or CFile, HOWEVER THEY DOES NOT GET CALLED/Hit WHEN I USE "Qfile".

    Is there any way out for this?
    Thanks in advance

  • @HrishiGobler
    So far as I am aware, anything which creates a file under Windows must ultimately go through CreateFile (even if it goes via _open() or whatever). However, there is CreateFileA, CreateFileW, plain CreateFile, and even a new CreateFile2. So you might need to look at those. I have also seen in

    CreateFileA/W is quite low, but not low enough to catch em all!

    To solve 2. you must hook Zw/NtCreateFile from Ntdll.dll which is what you're seeing in procmon. There is nothing lower than these API's in user land.

    However I see you mention other I/O calls and say that monitoring them is not working either. I don't know whether they would fail if your hook to original CreateFile is not functioning.

  • Thanks a lot for your valuable reply.
    I got it fixed, just by intercepting the QtCore.dll ( I was assuming that just intercepting/hooking ucrtbase.dll would be enough and the callbacks would be triggered, but it seems it was not the case) .
    Please do let me know, if I am in the right direction.

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