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Deployment questions for NOKIA N9/N950

  • I have a question on deployment for N9/N950 (actually ... two questions) mainly to developers who have already published application(s) for N9/N950 to OVI/NOKIA Store.

    1. When making the final preparations for deployment, I see in the project's file (I use the latest Qt Creator) some files under Project's Name --> Other files --> qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan. Some of them are set through the "Projects" button at the left bar of Qt Creator. Some others are edited "manually", and one of them if the file named "copyright". It has a text with a "prompt" to enter your name, email, etc. My question is, the license mentioned there is GNU GPL. What do you do if your application is under a different license? You change all the text with the one of the license you use? Or is this file something different? What am I missing here? Please help! :-)

    2. Since the *.qml files included in the application are not (AFAIK) compiled into executable files, do you use javascript for the calculations and other non-UI-placement operations or do you use C++/Qt? The "heart" of this question is: how do you "protect" your source (QML) code?

    I am highly interested for your opinions! :-)

    PS: I had placed the 1st question to another (sub)forum of QtDevNet (Qt Ambassadors) with less details.

  • 1). I believe you can set whatever license you like on your work as long as it does not conflict with the license you are using Qt under. IANAL so don't take my word for it though ;-)

    2). I have so far either just used raw qml files or embedded them into a Qt resource so that they get compiled into the application. I still have the backend code to my applications in C++ though so leaving the QML files exposed is not a big problem to me.

    If you're really paranoid you could encrypt the qml files and then hide the public key in your compiled app somewhere so that you can then decrypt the qml files. This will obviously add to the overheads at startup time though. I guess it depends how much you value the IP you are trying to protect as to what lengths you go to.

  • @ZapB: A very thorough answer. Just out of curiosity, do you change the contents of this "copyright" file? As far as the QML files are concerned, I will probably just leave them raw.

  • I have not done so yet but I shall be before I publish on the Nokia store - unless I find any conflicting rules set by the Nokia store of course.

  • @ZapB: Understood! :-)

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