[Solved] QMake variable manipulation

  • Hi guys.

    I want to declare a variable and add it in INCLUDEPATH. Everything works, but now I want to include a subfolder (of this variable) in include path. For that however, I would prefer to avoid another variable declaration. So is there any way to append the subfolder to the variable pointing to the path?

    MYVAR_PATH = $$quote(C:/somefolder/Qt/Includes)

    #here I want to append "Filters" folder to INCLUDEPATH
    INCLUDEPATH += $${MYVAR_PATH} + "/Filters" #does not work.

    I think there should be a solution to my problem, just don't know where to look :)
    Your help is much appreciated, thanks.

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    Try this:

    Works fine for me.

  • @sierdzio thanks, it worked :)

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    You're welcome, I'm glad to have helped.

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