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Compiling QtQuickcontrols2 v5.9.8: modules (qtHaveModule(quick)) are not available

  • I am trying to add the qtquickcontrols2 submodule to my qt cross compilation environment. I go through the following steps to compile the submodule dependencies of qtquickcontrols2:

    mkdir installation
    cd qtbase; ./configure; make; make install ROOT_DIR=/home/user/installation; cd ..
    cd qtdeclarative; ../qtbase/bin/qmake .; make; make install ROOT_DIR=/home/user/installation; cd ..
    cd qtxmlpatterns; ../qtbase/bin/qmake .; make; make install ROOT_DIR=/home/user/installation; cd ..

    Once they all complete successfully, I then move on to the following command for qtquickcontrols2:

    cd qtquickcontrols2; ../qtbase/bin/qmake .; make

    But then receive the output:

    Some of the required modules (qtHaveModule(quick)) are not available.

    I am pretty sure that I am missing some variable that tells qtquickcontrols2's qmake invocation where to look for the qml (qtdeclarative) files. I have tried additionally passing ../qtbase/bin/qmake PREFIX=/home/user/installation, but to no avail. Is there some documentation somewhere that explains how submodules depending on each other can be configured correctly? I tried looking for similar examples in the MINGW packages, Linux from Scratch and ArchLinux, but the recipes I found for them seem to start with qt-everywhere instead of the individual submodules as a dependency.

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    If you want to build one module after each other, then you first have to call make install once you built qtbase and then use the installed qmake to continue building your other modules.

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