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Symbian Qt-Components ToolButton disabled state

  • Hi -

    I did an app for N9, using Qt-components for MeeGo. Now I'm trying to get it running with almost the same look on a Symbian device. One annoyance that I've tried to solve with the Symbian Qt-components is to simply make the back button (as a ToolButton inside a ToolBarLayout) look disabled when I set its enabled property to false.

    With Meego I was able to find the disabled state icon in the file system ("toolbar-back" and "toolbar-back-dimmed"). Is there something corresponding on Symbian side - could not find anything else but the "toolbar-back", and the button itself does not seem to do any overlays or other tricks to change the look of the non-enabled state. I could put a semi-opaque rectangle on top of that, but the underlying toolbar gradient makes it look like crap. Any other suggestions, or is there some theming-styling-thingy I'm unaware of..?

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