Mouse events sent to wrong widget (QTableView as QSplitter child)

  • Hi,

    I've created a QSplitter with a QTableView and another widget as its children (table view is the top widget, the other widget is the bottom widget); the splitter is used in a QDialog.

    When the dialog is initially shown there is no selection in the table (which shows a vertical scroll bar as there are more rows than can be shown in the dialog).

    If I now select the first item and then try to resize the space allotted to the table view, the table view gets the mouse events instead of the splitter handle.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there a workaround? (I'm using Qt 4.7 on OS X Snow Leopard)

  • I did not spot this so far.

    If you can create a small, complete test case that demonstrates the behavior, I'd be happy do have a look at it.

  • Although I can systematically reproduce the problem in my application, I didn't have any luck yet reproducing the behavior in a small test class. As soon as I do I'll post the test code here.

  • That in itself points towards a problem in your application, instead of in Qt. Are you messing about with eventfilters or something like that per chance?

  • I'm closing in on the cause of the problem: at the moment it looks like there may be some interference from some network activity (we react to the selection change by making a SOAP call using IPWorks). Removing the SOAP call also gets rid of the problem (unfortunately also of the functionality of the dialog) which would explain why I can't reproduce it in a simple tester and nobody else has encountered this.

    I'm afraid I'll have some long hours of debugging in front of me...

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