QTextEdit and custom paint event

  • I have the following code snippet in a TextEdit paint event.

    void TextEdit::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *e)
    QPainter painter(viewport());

    QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::Selection selection;
    selection.cursor = textCursor();
    selection.format = currentCharFormat();
    QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::PaintContext ctx;
    ctx.cursorPosition = textCursor().position();


    There are two problems I am looking to fix. The first problem is when I select text you do not see it as select. Second, the cursor is drawn but does not blink. Any suggestions?

  • I assume this isn't a QTextEdit subclass, right?
    (If not, why isn't this a qtextedit? it looks very much like one ;)

    In QTextEdit the cursor blinking is done by a timer (see QTextControlPrivate::setBlinkingCursorEnabled) which calls update() on the right rectangle (see QTextControlPrivate::repaintCursor); you might have to do this by yourself if this isn't a QTextEdit.

    For the selections, you need to give them a background color, currentCharFormat() will be "black on white" so basically it doesn't look different from when it's not selected. Looking at QTextControl::getPaintContext I'd say you need to do something like

    QPalette::ColorGroup cg = d->hasFocus ? QPalette::Active : QPalette::Inactive;
    selection.format.setBackground(ctx.palette.brush(cg, QPalette::Highlight));
    selection.format.setForeground(ctx.palette.brush(cg, QPalette::HighlightedText));

  • hi dfaure, pls markup the code

  • Yes this is a subclass of QTextEdit. I do see that I have to do all the blinky cursor stuff myself. QPlainTextEdit has a really nice convenience function called getPaintContext that handles the state of the cursor for you, wish they had the same call in QTextEdit. oh well.

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