Need help for delegate.paint. Does not work for me ...

  • I have a model / view schema.
    I'm developing a general multipurpose delegates, and I'd want to use some custom widgets I have.
    The first I have tested does not work:

    @void A_delegates::paint(QPainter* painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem & option,
    const QModelIndex& index) const
    QRect the_rect(option.rect);
    A_file_chooser file_chooser;
    file_chooser.setGeometry(QRect(QPoint(0,0), the_rect.size()));
    I see an empty cell ?
    I have read the doc searching something usefull about this but without success.
    Can anybody help me ? Thanks.

    ( the file chooser is as simple as a label plus a button. I can see it in other scenarios)

  • The widget, where you call render is invisble (show is never called). This implies, it is not painted.

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