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View/Page transitions

  • Hey guys.

    I'm an Android developer who is a Qt/QML newbie and have some difficulties wrapping my head around some things that just works out of the box in Android.

    We're basically developing a tablet application that needs to run in fullscreen on different screen sizes. Our different views, which each correspond to a fullscreen page which the user navigates between, are defined in separate qml files. We're looking to define most if not all of the UI using QML only.

    So far we have been using a Loader to handle the navigation between views, but as we started looking at adding transitions to this (slide in, slide out), it didn't seem like the right choice. We also had a look at Page and PageStack, but we were unable to run the window in fullscreen using this for some reason.

    Could someone point me in the right direction what the best practice is to handle such a basic use case? Is there a way to have transitions with the Loader, or is Page/PageStack the way to go, or is there a third solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Andreas

  • I would first pursue the Page/PageStack option and try to figure out why that is not working for you.

  • Page/PageStack is preferred way to maintain application pages. Check with PageStackStatus.Activating and animate the content ( assuming that you divided your page logically). To get fine grain control to your animations, load the page immediately without transition.
    See "Pagestack.push":

    About pagestack fullscreen issue, check the width,height and ensure to anchor it to fill its parent.

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