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QStackedWidget issue Windows 7 versus Windows10

  • using Visual Studio 2019 v16.4.1 with QT 5.13.2
    runnig on W7 and/or W10 with .net core and desktop runtime 3.1.0

    defining QMainWindows as follow
    adding several widgets and keeping 0 as current

    the last added widget is structured as :
    adding several widgets and keeping 0 as current

    On W10, at start, display shows the first stacked widget of main window, running Ok
    on W7, a transparent windows on top of screen

    Could it be due to directX version ?
    max version 11 on W7 version 12 on Windows 10

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    Hi and welcome to the forums
    Does other Qt apps ( like any of the demos) run ok on that win 7 ?

  • This desktop app has been developed with Visual Studio 2010 and QT 4.7.4 and run since 2012 onto W7 and then W10.
    We decided to update development tools and ran onto W7 and W10.
    A significant work has been achieved to move on Visual Studio 2019 and QT 5.13.2. Same app keeps on running on Windows 10 but fails on Windows 7 with this issue.
    May we expect support from QT dev team on this ?

  • Hello,
    I am looking for a way to send you projet package. Could you point me out a link to upload a .zip file ?

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    If you need direct support from the Qt Teams, you'll have to contact the Qt Company. This forum is user oriented. One thing that you can do in between is check the bug report system to see if it's something known.

    Another thing you can do is cut down your application to the minimum to see when it starts misbehaving.

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    You can use Google driver or dropbox or
    similar and get a share link and paste link here.

    -on W7, a transparent windows on top of screen

    Do you use openGl/QML or anything that would use directX or
    similar ?

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