QGraphicsItems drag and drop in QGraphicsScene

  • Hi folks,

    I have got a treeview which I drag and drop items from into an QGraphicsView(QGraphicsScene too). Upon dropping a graphicsitem gets created. So I have implemented drag and drop for treeview as well as for graphicsview.

    I have another drag and drop implementation for those graphics items that I created in the graphicsscene. When I drag and drop one item onto another one I expect the item to allow for drop and get the custom data from first graphicsitem. However instead of having the affect from drag and drop implementation of graphicsitems, graphicsview's drag and drop implementation has the affect. As a result I have another created graphicsitem instead of having the data copied between them.

    Despite the fact that I have implemented every drag and drop method individually for graphicsview and graphicsitems, graphicsview's drag and drop implementation seems to overwrite others all the time.

    If you can help me about it or if you can put me in right direction I will be very happy. I like to thank you for your help in advance. Much appreciated.


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