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raspberrypi3 meta-boot2qt v5.14.0

  • I've succesfully managed to build a custom image for raspberrypi3 from the meta-boot2qt warrior branch checked out at tag 5.14.0. The device boots the Qt demo launcher and all the demo's run fine.

    After installing the SDK by running the script in ${BUILD_DIR}/tmp/deploy/sdk in ~/Qt/b2qt/2.7.1 I set the kit as follows;


    A warning is shown about no qmlscene installed in Qt Versions.

    However, when creating an empty Qt Quick project and trying to push while Qt demo launcher is running i get the following error;

    Moving the USB mouse connected to the raspberrypi3 fills the Application Output with lines of

    Failed to move cursor on screen HDMI1: -13

    Checking the running processes on the device it seems that the 'pitstop' application is running. Killing the 'appcontroller' process which runs the demo launcher and deploying the empty Qt Quick project again does boot the application. However, following errors remain;

    12:50:48: Starting /opt/pitstop/bin/pitstop ...
    QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root'
    No usable crtc/encoder pair for connector "Composite1"

    Someone able to help me out here?


  • I've just confirmed by building an boot2qt image with v5.13.2 with accompanying toolchain (2.6.2). This setup works perfectly fine when deploying an application while Qt demo launcher is running. Stopping the application from Qt Creator returns nicely to Qt demo launcher. Only the XDG_RUTIME_DIR remains, what is the cause of this message? The other two are known and easy to solve.


  • The output about XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is just to let you know that because the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variable was not set, Qt selected one for you. It's essential e.g. for running wayland, but generally the Qt's default is suitable.

    With the commercial Qt Creator, we use the appcontroller to make sure that only one GUI application is running at a time on the device. Since you are running on open source version, you need to do this manually. Running multiple GUI application at the same time may result in undefined behaviour, since both apps fight for the same screen.

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