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3D Studio - How to Start Animations on command in QML?

  • Hello Everybody!

    For my current project, I'm using 3D Studio for the User Interface and Animations for the first time. Also, I connected 3D Studio with my Qt Project, for being able to use the Data Inputs in the Project.

    I want to create an animation, which does not start, as soon as I build my Project.

    This Animation (a blinking sign) should only start under special conditions, otherwise it should stay at the Start Keyframe.

    But I have no Idea, how to handle it.
    I've created a Component out of that Object, for being able to set a Play State for that Animation.
    I think, the "Pause" Option would already be the right thing to take, but I have no Idea, how I can switch this Play State in my Qt Project during runtime.

    For me, most of the tools in 3D Studio are self explanatory.

    But now I'm not quite getting it.

    Could you help me out here?

    Thank you in Advance!

  • @J_Weihele I Tried with this , i dont know what you need but i just share my thought .. Just try it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_A9g0ji2lY
    If its used for you means take it..

  • @sankarapandiyan thank you for your answer! Unfortunately this doesn't really help me, because I don't want to create a animation in QML, I just want to interact with the 3D Studio animation with QML.

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