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qgrapicstextitem update

  • Hi All,

    i have created the ppi display to plot the targets from server application which gives range, azimuth, no of targets etc...

    i am adding ellipse in qgraphicstextitem and adding into scene.

    after reading the data iam ploting on ppi using for loop up to the no of target count. if i set tooltip for those targets values are updating properly.

    iam planning to display the data in qgroupbox when target is pressed. so i have implemented mousepressevent and trying to display the target info.

    every read i can able to display the data correctly if the target count is one. if more than one target count , its not updating. for example if i receive no of target is 3 , all three target info shows the same first value when mouse press.

    can anyone please suggest whats the pbm?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to the forums
    It's hard to guess at with no code.
    Maybe you assign the same value to all 3 ?

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