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Qt Design Studio - Photoshop Bridge Animation Timeline

  • Hello, I looked into the populated videos about cluster instrument development with Qt Design Studio and Photoshop. The community version doesn't support the Qt-Photoshop-Bridge, therefore I would like to ask for some information's regarding animations.

    If the Designer made his wonderful animations in Photoshop (timeline) is the timeline exported with all value changes e.g. transformation, opacity change etc. exported to Qt Design Studio and then directly in Qml syntax?

    Or, does the Designer has to use Qt Design Studio Timeline again to recreate his wonderful animation?

  • The Photoshop Bridge does not export any animation data. Only the artboards and their content, based on how the user defined the exported content with the Bridge plugin. So to answer your question, yes, for animations the user must create these using the animation tools in Design Studio.

  • Thank you for reply. I hope this feature is planned in future releases, because why Designer shall switch from Photoshop or Sketch and recreate the animation again, when they are familiar and loving the with tools.

  • @Shazter We have discussed it but it's very hard to see how it would work, especially looking at tools like After Effects, which is a common tool for prototyping ui animations, considering how many features there are in there that we simply don't have in Design Studio. It would require that the artists only use a subset of their animation tools that could in theory be supported by Design Studio, which we though might be a hard sell... However, it's still an open topic for discussion so they may be progress on it down the line.

  • @BrookCronin

    Ok, i checked the Photoshop SDK and access to the timelime is not trivial, but possible. Maybe I can ask more questions regarding Design Studio. I checked the Video Building Cluster Instrument wih Qt Design Studio and only Images and Text Elements was converted to qml types. The presenter had to recreate the arcs and the fonts adjustment by hand too. Looks for me double work. Additional is locks not fail safe, because Designer designed by Spec (e.g Coordinates etc.) and then again has to do it in Design Studio.

    What is here the Roadmap ? Do you want to close the gap in future releases?

    1. Creating arcs from Photoshop to qml types with the Qt Bridge?
    2. Autoexport Font from Photoshop and import custom fonts with font prioperties maybe with automatically creatded Qml QtObject Styling singleton?

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