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Qt Bluetooth in IMX6

  • Hi
    I try to use Qt Bluetooth to connect some device e.g. mouse or keyboard on imx6dl( 4.1.15 with Qt 5.6.2). I had connected mouse by bluetoothctl. But when I used m_BluetoothSocket::connectToService(mouse.address(), QbluetoothUuid(QBluetoothUuid::HumanInterfaceDeviceService)) to connect it, it would show

    qt.bluetooth.bluez: SDP search failed for "6C:5D:63:7D:D3:92"
    qt.bluetooth.bluez: Cannot find sdpscanner: ""

    On the other hand, this function in Qt 5.6.2 and Qt 5.9.1 for linux(desktop) will return connected() signal but still can not use mouse, but in Qt 5.12.0 can use mouse but can not return connected() signal.

    Now I have some questions about that:

    1. What's the differences between Qt 5.12.0 and Qt 5.9.1 about QtBluetooth
    2. How can I check the environment of imx6 whether it can use Qt Bluetooth socket or not


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