QGraphicsView.translate doesn't seem to do anything

  • I'm trying to use QGraphicsView to display custom drawn graphs of some data where the X axis is time and the Y axis is a value. To start, I've subclassed QGraphicsView and implemented drawBackground to draw the grid lines. I've been able to call .scale() to zoom in and out and seen the grid lines adapt. When I try using .translate() to pan, the display doesn't change. Am I misunderstanding the way QGraphicsView works? Already I'm not sure how my desire to use dragging to pan an unbounded space mesh with QGraphicsView's idea that it is a viewport (with scrollbars I don't want) into a finite scene whose size is based on the position of the currently existing contents. Is there any good example of using QGraphicsView as a pan-able viewport into an unlimited space?

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