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Display QWidgets behind a QToolBar

  • I try to create an application with a transparent QToolBar in the titlebar. This works with some modifications to the window itself by using some Objective-C. Also with setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac() it looks just like what I wanted. Now there is a problem. I want to add a QGridLayout later on. And just like in the new Photos app on iPadOS I want that the widgets go behind the toolbar. The transparent style would be probably achievable by styling the QToolBar (but this is a problem I can work on). My question is now, is there any possible way to overlap two widgets or send widgets behind any other widget? I could also work with a QVBoxLayout, but I don't know how to set some widgets behind any other widget (or layout).

    What I try to achieve is the following:

    My current approach is this:

    I heard about stackUnder() but this does not work.

    I hope I got my question clear, its my first time posting here.


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